Would You Wool?

Wool Shoes are "Hot" This Season

You may not think that wool is a practical footwear choice but think again...it's soft and comfortable, isn't itchy, keeps it's shape over time, doesn’t stink and keeps your feet at a natural temperature.

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Most shoes on the market today are either made from natural materials like leather or canvas, or possibly most common (but not at Chattanooga Shoe Company), synthetic and/or petroleum-based materials. However, wool is quickly gaining in popularity.

Wool is actually a practical choice. It absorbs moisture (keeping your feet dry) and is a breathable material. Wool is a non-conductor of heat (thermostatic) which allows your feet to balance at a natural temperature. 

Maybe not popular dinner conversation but "stinky feet" is definitely something a lot of people deal with...well perhaps there is good news. Wool controls odor naturally thanks to fatty acids that have antibacterial properties. 


Wool may be more aesthetically-pleasing over time when compared with leather. It's naturally wrinkle-resistant because wool is extremely resilient. Walk in them all day and they will return to their natural state, despite the constant bend created from walking.

Well what about getting them wet? You definitely can't get wool wet right? This is a common misconception. Yeah, you may not want to wear wool if it's pouring down rain but, getting them wet (or spilling most liquids on them for that matter) will cause no harm to the material. Water typically beads up to the surface and either falls off or can be wiped right off. 

Potentially the most exciting part...wool is environmentally-friendly. All you need to manufacture wool is air, grass, water & sunlight! It's renewable, biodegradable & recyclable. 

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