What even is a Fashion Sneaker?

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What exactly is a "fashion sneaker?" Fashion sneakers are non-athletic (but kinda athletic looking), typically leather (but sometimes canvas), usually lace-up (but not always), are lower cut shoes (not boots or booties) and are worn casually (but not always). 

Boy, that sure does clear it up!

How about what they're not...that might help. They're not boots, booties, running shoes (like New Balance, Brooks, Adidas, etc.), hiking boots, sandals of any type, heels or clogs. So pretty much everything else. Hmmm...that doesn't seem to help.

Non-athletic "sneakers" started trending up a few years ago and are just now starting to reach their peak! I think because they're extremely versatile and, let's face it, very comfortable and practical. The stay-at-home COVID effect definitely played a part in everyone's wardrobe moving more and more to a casual "chill" vibe. And what's more casual and chill than sneakers.


It is very terrifying however, to picture wearing your New Balance 990s with a dress. It makes me think of my 3rd grade teacher...not a fond memory. Aside from someone wearing them ironically or embracing the "grandma chic" look, true athletic shoes are really only for, well, athletic activity. So, if you're not heading for a jog, consider a slight upgrade in your shoe choice for that day.

What's the thinking behind a fashion sneaker?

So basically for fashion sneakers, you take an athletic shoe and make it nice or "dress it up." You give it a nice leather or canvas upper. You simplify the design for a cleaner aesthetic. Lastly, you remove the running technology and insert more walking and standing comfort technology. 

So whatever "Fashion Sneaker" means to you, embrace it. The trend is here to stay...at least for now. 

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