Owner | Courtnay McGinness

How did you get started in the shoe business?

I was in college when Charlie’s family hired me to work in their shoe store located in Huntsville, Alabama. I loved learning the back end of owning a business, meeting new customers and helping them find the best shoes for their feet. It was a true connection for me, one that stands out far beyond any other retail job I had had prior. I never expected that job to lead us to what you know today as Chattanooga Shoe Company.

Why do you enjoy the job?

Customers, always and forever. I still get so overjoyed when certain customers who have shopped with us for years walk in, even those who have moved away and still come to pop in to say hi and check out the new selection. Our customers are like family, we are beyond grateful for each and every one.

What’s your favorite activity outside of the shoe store?

Spending time with my children and my dead sexy husband.

What’s your favorite new shoe in the store?

That’s a hard one, I’m a huge fan of white sneakers.  So I would say any of our white sneakers, so comfy and always versatile.

What features do you most look for in a shoe?

Comfort mostly, but there’s a design and fashion aspect that’s also key.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Huntsville, AL, born and raised and proud of it.

What brought you to Chattanooga?

Charlie and I moved to Chattanooga in February 2009 to acquire and operate a shoe store located in East Brainerd.  It was huge move for me, being that I had never lived outside of Huntsville. With support from family and friends we took the leap and are so thankful we did.

What do you love about Chattanooga?

I love the people, our community in particular and the ever changing things to do in this great city.