Our Story

Seems like everyone has the same shoes. Most of them mass produced in large factories for an extremely low cost, which results in low quality footwear with no identifiable comfort features. Chattanooga Shoe Company does things differently. We have high standards. Like…really high standards. We insist on an equal balance (and highest level) of Comfort + Style + Quality. My dad always told me, “Shoes and mattresses are important. You’ll be on at least one or the other the rest of your life.” So, since I don’t find mattresses very interesting, I went into the shoe business. Here’s the story.

In 2001, my family moved from North Carolina to open a Birkenstock Specialty Shoe Store in Huntsville, AL. This was a time when Birkenstock made all types of shoes: sandals, clogs, boots, dress shoes...the “potato shoe” was really popular. If you know, you know. I did see recently where Kanye West wore these, so maybe there’s a comeback on the horizon?! I worked for the family business throughout college, and met the love of my life Courtnay. We bonded over our love of God, family, friends, life, business, fashion and shoes!

I left the family business in 2006 to try out the corporate world but I found myself daydreaming of a different life…I longed to follow in my parents’ footsteps and own a shoe store. That chance arose in 2009 when we had an opportunity to acquire a shoe store in Chattanooga, TN. Courtnay always said, “I’m never moving out of Huntsville…well…unless it’s to Chattanooga.” We both loved making weekend trips to Chattanooga, a city perfect for exploring. In March 2009, we moved ourselves (and 2 dogs) to Chattanooga, TN to acquire an old “sit and fit” comfort shoe store in east Chattanooga.

Only after a couple months, we dreamed of opening another store: a brand new concept in the shoe world…a store that offered styles that were just as fashionable as they were comfortable. Chattanooga Shoe Company opened in North Chattanooga in November 2010.

Turns out, people love shoes that are comfortable and stylish. We take the guesswork (and hard work) out of shoe shopping by painstakingly hunting the world over for the best of the best footwear that meets our highest standards. We know you wouldn’t accept anything less.

For the past 10 years, the shoe store has continued to evolve by bringing you, not only established comfort brands, but small, limited production shoes as well. They’re sourced from around the world but some of our favorite spots include Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany. Entering our 10th year, we continue to push the envelope by providing even “faster” and trendier styles, but never sacrificing our comfort and quality standards. And, most recently, we have made efforts to actually show you how to style the shoes (check out our Facebook and Instagram for style ideas).

We invite you to give our shoes a try. You’ll enter a new realm of enlightenment that opens your eyes and awakens your senses to their highest potential…just kidding. They’re shoes. But what I’m trying to say is, you’ll really REALLY love them.