Moshn (by Klogs)

So, have you heard about what just might be the most comfortable shoe in the world?

They're called Moshn

It was actually the aesthetic that first drew me to these. They look like an upgraded athletic shoe. I loved the stretchy knit uppers and the rocker bottom soles.

That's why they fit in so well here at Chattanooga Shoe Company...comfort + style. But these are just a different breed of footwear.

Let's dive in to exactly why these shoes are so comfortable and what makes the technology so special...

Dynamic Motion Technology®

Rocker bottom shoes are nothing new however, Moshn has perfected it! When walking for a few hours do your feet and legs feel overworked?...Moshn's Dynamic Motion Technology® does the walking for you with stability in the heel and an enhanced toe spring that naturally moves you forward.

PurGrip® Tread

Have you ever accidentally gone surfing on a wet surface at work?...or maybe slipped on a sidewalk outside of a store? You're not alone. A slippery sole can actually be dangerous. Moshn PurGrip® Tread protects you against slick surfaces. This makes them ideal for work but also a great night and weekend option.

TruComfort® Insole

By now you probably know the basics of what makes a shoe supportive, so arch support (for some people) is a must! The Moshn TruComfort® Insole not only provides excellent arch support but also gives you proper heel support that in turn improves alignment of your entire body. 

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We are excited to introduce this new technology to you! Try 'em out and let us know what you think...

Talk soon,