General Manager | Amy Ingle

Why do you enjoy this job?

I love people and I love shoes. It’s a pleasure to help someone see the satisfaction on their face when they find the perfect shoe. My goal is to build relationships as well as make customers’ feet happy.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Cajun country,  in Baton Rouge La. I have been in Tennessee for 17 years and consider Chattanooga my home now.

What brought you to Chattanooga?

My parents are originally from Chattanooga. A job opportunity took them to Baton Rouge, La where where I grew up. After my dad retired, they decided they wanted to move back to Chattanooga so we did and I haven’t left since.

What do you love about Chattanooga?

Location and entertainment. Chattanooga offers many avenues for entertainment. It’s a fun filled city surrounded by beautiful mountains. My favorite part of Chattanooga is you can experience all four seasons here. Not only is it a beautiful city, but it’s an amazing location. In just a couple hours you can be to Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta or Birmingham which make for great day trips.

What features do you most look for in a shoe?

When I shop for shoes I look for style, but I also look for comfort. I am always looking for a shoe that can support me being on my feet all day, but doesn’t forfeit style in the process. That’s why I love working here at Chatt Shoe because the options of stylish comfort shoes is endless.